Work From Home Jobs that don’t Suck so you can travel the world

Becoming a Blogger

Do you enjoy writing? Do you have stuff to say after big news breaks or the latest major sports event happens? Are you caught up on the comings and goings of events in your local area? If you’ve got a passion for something you should start writing about it and telling people your thoughts on the things happening today. Did the local baseball manager cost his team the game? Is Donald Trump the biggest idiot ever to be President? Is Donald Trump the biggest idiot ever? If you’ve got talent with the written word and strong opinions then you should look into being a blogger.

Make your own website and start posting. Maybe recruit some friends to make posts as well. Allow people to comment on your posts and interact with you. Engaging with your readers can create a community that will bring about spirited discussions and encourage more people to join in and speak their minds. You can grow your community by being an active poster and an engaged blog manager. Moderating your blog will be key, if you’re doing a political blog you had best be on the lookout for Russian troll farms trying to invade and meddle with you discussions. You might want things to feel cozy at your blog, but you don’t want Cozy Bear bothering your real, human, American readers.

Maybe your blog will be about a new hobby you’ve just gotten into. Perhaps you just started beekeeping and you want to record the events of your attempts to maintain a hive and obtain all that sweet sweet honey that comes with it.

Work From Home Jobs that don't Suck so you can travel the world

Use your blog to post videos and photos of the hives, show off the queen bee in all her glory. Have experienced bee keepers contact you and give you advice on what to do to maintain your hives and keep your bees happy. Before you know it you could have a website that has a real buzz around it.

You could have an issue you’re passionate about. Want to talk about income inequality? Blog about the Trump tax plan and how it’s killing the middle class. Spend your days looking into what big corporations are doing to stick it to the common person. Build your blog into a progressive community of activists who are committed to changing the world. Be a way to connect like-minded people together in a drive to change the world. The internet makes all of this possible, embrace it’s power and you could find yourself at the head of a movement that could get Washington to stand up and take notice.

Blogging is one of many amazing Work From Home Jobs that don’t Suck so you can travel the world that allow people to give up working for others and be their own boss, doing what they are passionate about and working not just for money but for their own personal contentment. So be it gun control, or shooting pool, or being really angry about the whole Malcolm Butler situation, start a blog and get yourself noticed. You got something to say and the world wants to hear it.