The Business Of Strategy Consultant

The strategy consultant helps the general management of companies to develop their strategy and their business model. It also contributes to the implementation of these policies around issues of growth and competitiveness. He also brings a realistic vision to his client during sale or acquisition transactions. In bright, it helps the leader whether the sale or purchase it plans is a good deal.

It delivers a wide range of advice to large companies and organizations:

Market And Business Opportunities

Growth Strategy

Optimization Of The Business Portfolio


Positioning At A Competitive Price

Investor Advice
  • A development proposal
  • Market entry strategy


The Strategy Consultant always works as a team. It develops essential relational qualities: an ability to share information, to listen to its customers and employees.Integrated into projects concerning all sectors of activity, the consultant is led to expanding its sector expertise. He transforms himself into a real conductor when he brings various skills according to the needs of the client. The Strategy is a profession that is not practiced solo.


Strategy consulting firms have specific, selective and particularly demanding recruitment processes. These interviews are distinguished from traditional job interviews in that they incorporate a test of the professional situation: the case study. It is a question of testing the candidate on concrete problems related to the diversity of his future profession, during an exchange with his examiner whose form is free. The recruitment process consists of several rounds composed of 1 to 3 interviews each, and it requires between 6 and eight meetings to reach a recruitment offer.